Happiness is recognised as a defining characteristic of success.

Happiness Weekly began as a blog designed to give you the skills and inspiration to be a positive, happy and confident person that people love in order to put you on a path that is successful and satisfying. It was designed to pull people out of depression, to stop bullying and to show the positive things in life. However, happiness is like any emotion and it is not realistic to feel happy at all times and through all situations, particularly the more difficult situations that life throws our way.

Since its humble beginnings, the Happiness Weekly blog has evolved in popularity and content focus because sometimes we need to look directly into the darkness and shine a bright light on negative situations before we can take action to move forward in a positive way. While Happiness Weekly continues to encourage readers to proactively work towards a successful and happy existence, particularly focusing on kindness and gratitude in all situations, the blog has transformed into a resource centre with the aim of helping you through current issues and enhancing your knowledge and awareness before then guiding you to take steps to move forward. Happiness Weekly is not designed to be read from start to finish, nor are readers expected to read each individual blog that is released. It is simply a series of information where you can select topics relevant to you that will offer strength and guidance in moving towards a happier existence.

“Happiness Weekly is a blog that promotes self-awareness and personal development to not only better yourself, but also to create a positive impact on others around you. This is what I know as the ‘sunshine affect’. It’s designed to encourage proactive problem solving that respects the rights and wellbeing of others, while being mindful of how everyday dilemmas and even direct negativity can be turned into a positive experience,” said director, founder and blogger Sarah Webb.

Many modern therapies and practices support mindfulness and being in the present moment which aligns well with Happiness Weekly’s focus. The ultimate aim is to make a positive difference to many lives, not just in Australia, but across the world.

It’s important to acknowledge the pathway to happiness isn’t an easy one, but it is achievable.

In order to begin your journey, you will need to be open to change, be prepared to break your habits and patterns and work to replace them with new ones, and take responsibility for the way you perceive things and ultimately the way you feel.

It’s time to leave the past behind and open your windows to the “sunshine effect”. Be around positive people, allow yourself to be a positive person and let your rays of sunshine stream onto others as you lift them up with you.

Just like happiness, Happiness Weekly is for everyone!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to happiness. Welcome to Happiness Weekly.

Who is Sarah?

Director, founder and blogger of Happiness Weekly – my name is Sarah Webb – I have a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing, a background in journalism and I’m a full time professional life coach and NLP practitioner and I own Relationship Free – a platform where I inspire and empower people to help them move beyond the pain that relationships cause.

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